Traffic Tracking

A common complaint from most businesses is that they cannot track their advertising dollars with their current advertising methods. We want you to see how successful your List and Found™ profile becomes.

List and Found™ solves this problem by providing traffic tracking tools built right into your List and Found™ account. You have the ability to sort by date and see how many people have viewed your profile along with the search engine they came from.

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Videos - Short commercials embedded directly on your search engine friendly business profile adding an extra layer of search engine visibility for your business location.

Organic Search Results - Search engine friendly business profiles help push your business to the top of the search engine results page with local in mind.

Coupons - Create coupons right in your List and Found profile to attract customers to visit your location.

Traffic - See how many people have viewed your List and Found profile and where they came from.


Our clients enjoy constant local search success with our local online marketing campaign. See the success some of our clients are having with List and Found™. Need more proof? View all of our client testimonials.