What is Local Search and Why Should I Care?

A local search is performed when someone uses a local search engine to find products or services in their area. There are many local search engines that are used billions of times per day such as Google Maps, Yahoo Local, MSN Maps and Local.com. These local search engines are internet versions of the outdated yellow page book that no one uses much anymore.

Fact: 70% of U.S. households use the internet to make decisions when shopping locally for products and services (Kelsey Group, 2005).

My business already has a web site.

Well, unfortunately a web site will not help you in the local search engines because it's a completely different area of internet advertising. Google Maps, Yahoo Local, MSN Maps as well as all the other local search engines don't look at your web site to build information about you business. The local search engines create local listings for you whether the information they obtain is correct or not.

What is a local listing?

A local listing already exists in most of the major local search engines for your business right now. The local search engines want to populate their search engines with the most local business information to compete against each other as the best local search engine. This is great for people who want to search for products and services online and buy locally because they want to have the largest and most relevant business listings to make the best decision.

I didn't know I already had a local listing?

Chances are your local listing may have inaccurate information or not enough information at all. The local search engines by default have only added your business name, address and phone number. While this may seem like enough information we can guarantee that one of your competitors has already heard about local search and has greatly increased the information in their local listing. The information they may have added can include products and services, brands offered, business hours, specialties, coupons and more.

How can I make sure I stay competitive in local search?

Well, you need to go to all the local search engines and add as much information describing your business to each listing as possible. This process could take up a lot of your time especially if you need to change your business information from month to month to stay relevant to potential customers. Wouldn't it be great to just create one listing that updates all the local search engines every month. List and Found was created with that very reason in mind because we know business owners have more important things to do with their time than to spend all day on the computer updating every local search engine with their business listing.

Heard enough about local search and the time consuming task of keeping up to date?

Learn more about how List and Found can greatly save you time by creating one local listing or what we call a business profile. Where do I sign up to start using List and Found immediately so I can start embracing local search advertising the easy way.



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